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Marie Kondo – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Books, Inspiration / 11 juni, 2015

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Det här är, by far, den bästa bok jag läst. Detta stycket, om att behandla sina strumpor med respekt, är något som verkligen rör mig.

En introduktion – åh detta gör mig så glad.

Organisera, städa upp, aldrig gå tillbaks till röran, så underbart. Det handlar om att älska och bli glad av sina saker, att använda rummen till det de är menade för, inte för förvaring.

Och så här viker man sina underkläder så att de står upp.

Handpåläggning, energi, är tricket.

Här inklistrat AMA från KonMarie:

1. What about those necessary but sometimes boring items—socks, winter coats, pots and pans—that are functional, but don’t feel like they spark joy?

“Those things are helping you every day. Because you are using them. Even if they are not sparking joy, they are helping you every day. They are making your days go by—meaning, you have not realized that they are making you happy. They are sparking joy to you, subconsciously. So it’s you, just not realizing that sparks joy for you. So you should convince yourself that they are sparking joy, and you should prioritize their status, because they are making your day, everyday. Then, gradually, you will start seeing some sparking joy concepts from those items.”

2. How should you get rid of potentially valuable items—say, a very large supply of sellable books? Should you try to earn money from them, or just give them away?

“I am sure there are several different ways to get rid of books, by selling them or donating them. You should figure out which way sparks joy, makes you happy. If it sparks joy to sell them one-by-one, go for it. But it takes so much time and energy, if it does not spark joy, maybe you can donate them to a library or sell to one organization.”

3. What if you find yourself so exhausted by the tidying that you find yourself making excuses for certain items that may not really spark joy, just so you can get through with the process?

“You should probably figure out what is the obstacle for you to make a decision. That way you can figure out what your priority is. Then you can make a stronger, or more concrete, decision on each item. Of course, my clients sometimes need my support and encouragement as well. But if they are working on their own, they sometimes come to a dilemma, they sometimes get overwhelmed because most of them have many items. And in Japan, I started seeing some people telling everybody around them that they are organizing, tidying their own space, so that the others are watching them, so they have the motivation going. They sometimes post it online, the fact they are working on their clutter, and there are some online communities where they are in similar situations. Maybe that can help you? Even on Twitter, if you follow #KonmariMethod, there are a lot of people tweeting their experience and plans, or their progress, and it might be encouraging for people in a similar situation.

4. How do you approach digital clutter, like the dreaded overstuffed email inbox?

“I recommend to take the same method as you [take] tidying up your house. For example, you should dedicate the whole day to tidying up your email inbox (or in one shot). In the same way, you move on to the next category of documents and files—for example, you just want to work on this specific folder today. But you want to get it ALL done. It is important to finish up this category in one shot. I know your eyes get very tired! You can take a break while doing it.”

5. How do you get rid of the excess stuff when you don’t have access to a car to drive to a charity drop-off, and don’t want to throw barely-used items in the trash?

“In Japan, I suggest my clients to find an online service or charity organization that can come pick it up. In America, there are some organizations that will come and pick up donated gently-used items, or you can use online services to list items for free.”


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