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Iris Apfel
Fashion, Inspiration / 7 september, 2015

Tittar på Iris och hämtar inspiration. Tänker på allt jag inte har tid med.

You Can’t Do Everything, It’s Impossible.
Some Things Has to Give,
Sometimes It’s You – Iris Apfel

Och detta, från Hollywoodreporter, Iris visdomar:

1. Be curious.
”I think curiosity is something that young people have absolutely forgotten about. Young people think they can press a button for everything they need, every one of life’s problems. It’s appalling. I’ve been saying this for some years and everybody looked at me as if I was some old fuddy-duddy, and now everyone is telling me the same thing.”

2. Work really hard.
”You should not have a sense of entitlement. You have to earn things. And you should learn that.”

3. Don’t do things you don’t love.
”You have to have passion about what you do. All these things sound so corny, but they’re true.”

4. Use humor as the basis for your relationships.
”[Carl and I] have a sense of humor. Most people break up for the most stupid reasons. Basically — unless they’re neurotics or something — they marry one another because they have some basis for it. Something other than wanting to hop in and out of the sack. At least that’s the best way to do it. If you have a sense of humor, the only misunderstanding is over stupid things like ’We were at a flea market and I wanted to buy something and he said no.’ You get very heated and then you look at each other and laugh because it’s so silly.”


5. Listen to your inner voice. It knows what’s up.
”I believe in trusting my gut. Everything I’ve done is that way. I’ve never had a business plan, I’ve just fallen into things. If they feel right, I go with it. If I find something that feels good I know it’s for me.”

6. Decide what you want the rules to be. Then go make them.
”Exceptions prove the rule. That’s why I don’t like rules.”

7. Don’t be shy.

Sticky fingers
Art / 7 september, 2015


Jag minns inte så mycket av det här, Richard tog bilden, det är mitt gamla köksbord i Ktown, en snabb idé. Jag antar att vi drack kaffe.

Does It Spark Joy?
Art, Illustration, Inspiration / 2 september, 2015
Hämtar inspiration från Marie Kondos bok The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying. Igen.
Marie Kondo – The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying



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